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The Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme is an exclusive property of Shopmatic, and is launched to boost online entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business online can subscribe to our annual plan and get their first year subscription fee reimbursed.

Do feel free to call us at 1800 103 5373 /
email us at shopsupportin@goshopmatic.com / chat with our teams to take the most advantage of this Programme.


How it works

The 8 simple steps to build your store

Upload your Logo, Complete your Homepage, About Us page, Contact Us page, FAQs page, Upload at least 5 products, Enable Payment Gateway and Enable Shipping. Learn more

If you need any help during the above, feel free to reach out to our e-commerce consultants at 1800 103 5373 who will be happy to help you get all of this going in the quickest possible time.

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