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No More Monthly Hosting Fee on Transaction Model

The Shopmatic platform offers you 4 distinct ways of doing ecommerce at nominal costs. Now, you can enjoy our Transaction Model without paying any Monthly Hosting Fee. Pay only 3.5% transaction fee when you sell. Or, you can opt for any of our Subscription plans detailed below.
Transaction model
USD 0 /month
Transaction fee
Monthly hosting fee
No monthly hosting fee
Free custom domain
Subscription model
3 month plan
USD 80 /month
Transaction fee
Monthly hosting fee
Free custom domain
Subscription model
Subscription model
6 month plan
USD 68 /month
Transaction fee
Monthly hosting fee
Free custom domain
Subscription model
12 month plan
USD 56 /month
Transaction fee
Monthly hosting fee
Free custom domain

Included in all plans

All the features you need to start and grow your business

  • Ecommerce

    Free Sub Domain
    Free Custom Domain on select plans
    60+ Free design templates
    Modular design templates
    CSS customization
    Unlimited product listings
    Multiple image uploads
    Product options listings
    Secure website
    Mobile friendly store
    SEO friendly webstore
    Single Checkout Link
  • Payment Gateway

    Free integration of Payment Gateway
    Instant payment acceptance
    International & domestic payments
    Multiple payment solutions
    Preferential rates
    No hidden commissions
  • Shipping & Logistics

    Free integration of Shipping & Logistics
    Ship directly from online store
    International & domestic coverage
    Multiple shipping solutions
    Preferential rates
    Automated shipping management
  • Multiple Sales Channels

    List on Facebook store
    Single click listing
    Automated inventory management
    Social media share
  • Sales Management

    Sales expansion tools
    Discount engine & promotions
    Comprehensive dashboard
    Intelligent data insights
    Enable Google Analytics
  • Customer Support

    Free email support
    Free live chat support
    Knowledge base

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Shopmatic is a top rated app on the Google Play Store for 3 years in a row, with a consistent ranking of 4.4.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the plans offered by Shopmatic?

    Shopmatic currently offers transaction and subscription plans, each subject to specific conditions and fees.

    How can I pay or confirm my subscription?

    You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your subscription plan – all major credit and debit cards are accepted. In addition to credit and debit cards, India customers can use your Paytm wallet, UPI or net banking to pay for their subscription plan.

    How do I change my subscription plan?

    You can easily switch between the subscription plans available. Simply select the plan on your Billing page and pay for your new desired plan and the new subscription period will be updated.

    Can I cancel my subscription plan anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, at the Profile & Billing page of your account dashboard. When you cancel the subscription, you will automatically move to the transaction pricing model at the end of your subscription cycle. Shopmatic does not provide refunds.

    How can I get a free custom domain?

    First time subscriptions to the 6-month or the 12-month plans can avail one (1) custom domain per account, free of charge for the first year. Subsequent annual renewal charges will be chargeable to the account and subject to the prevailing fees.

    Are there any additional charges to integrate with payment partners or shipping & logistic partners?

    Shopmatic does not charge for any integrations. However, some partners may require a deposit when you create an account on their platform. Please refer to these requirements at the partner integration pages of your Shopmatic account to select partners most suited for your business needs.

  • Are there more features available in the higher plans?

    The higher plans will offer more savings for your business. Our pricing plans have been devised to give all our customers an equal opportunity to successfully sell online. Hence all plans offer equal features and service benefits.

    What are the benefits of taking a subscription?

    Accounts on a subscription plan are exempt from the 3.5% transaction fee or any hosting fees.

    Does Shopmatic take any commission from my own sales?

    Accounts on the Transaction Model will be subject to a 3.5% transaction fee, on each sale. However, Accounts on a subscription plan are fully exempted from the 3.5% transaction fee.

    Do I get any consultant support?

    Subscribers can avail complimentary phone support from our ecommerce consultant of up to four (4) training sessions of thirty (30) min slots, each month.

    Does Shopmatic provide additional services to help me grow my business?

    Absolutely! Shopmatic offers expert services and promotes events to help you improve your product listing and ultimately your sales. Please note that our expert services and events are subject to specific terms and conditions. Read them carefully before purchasing any of them to make sure they suit your needs.
    Click here to access the expert services and events available.

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