Shopmatic partners with Emarsity to boost the online presence of SMEs and MSMEs in Singapore

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of Digital Marketing? Look no further than Emarsity, your trusted Approved Training Organization delivering top-tier Singapore WSQ-accredited digital marketing courses.

Why Emarsity?

  • Hands-On Learning, Real-World Results

    We believe in learning by doing. The curriculum emphasizes practical application over mundane theory, giving you the skills and confidence to excel in the fast-paced realm of Digital Marketing.

    Guidance Beyond the Classroom

    Learning doesn't stop when the class ends. That's why Emarsity offers 6 months of free support, ensuring that your learning experience remains smooth and your questions are always answered.

    Join The Digital Community

    When you choose Emarsity, you're not just signing up for courses. You're becoming part of a vibrant digital community. Connect with fellow learners, exchange ideas, and embark on your Digital Marketing journey together.

  • Accelerate Your Journey

    Expert instructors at Emarsity ensure that you're not just absorbing knowledge but developing actionable skills that matter.

    Stay Current with Refreshers

    In a field that's constantly evolving, staying up-to-date is crucial. That's why Emarsity provides all learners with access to one refresher class within 6 months of class attended. Plus, you'll have unlimited access to a class video recordings, allowing you to review and refine your skills whenever you need.

    Your Success Story Begins Here

    Whether you're an aspiring marketer, entrepreneur, or professional seeking to upskill, Emarsity has the tools to empower your success in the digital landscape.

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