Multiply sales in your retail store and by selling online

Create your online store to expand your business locally or globally, and bring new customers to your retail store.

Multiply your sales by bringing new customers to your store and by selling online

Trusted by over 300,000 successful businesses worldwide

Shopmatic is a top rated business app on the PlayStore.

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Run your business 24/7

Run your business 24/7

Sell to your loyal buyers round the clock even when your brick and mortar store is closed. Let them browse your online catalogue to buy their favorite products anyime.

  • Run flash sales

    Clear out your seasonal inventory online and make room for fresh, in-demand products in your shop.

  • Increase your profit margins

    Sell more units of your best selling products by selling it in store and online.

  • Be even more discoverable

    Drive more customers to your physical store using Google search and via Google Map pins.

  • Get repeat purchases

    Let customers who love your products buy them again and again easily, right from their home.

Drive more purchases through trusted payment and shipment partners

Accept online payments from customers, via credit cards and debit cards. Secure more sales by offering instant delivery solutions to customers when they checkout orders.

Drive more purchases through trusted payment and shipment partners
Manage inventory across all your channels in one platform

Manage inventory across many sales channels using just one platform

Instantly connect your store to marketplaces and social channels with a few simple clicks. Automatically sync your inventory with product details and images, across multiple channels, the moment you make changes.

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Promote your branded URL at your store, on customer receipts and through advertising

If you run a larger business with multiple outlets, please refer to our sister company Octopus Retail Management for a comprehensive solution.
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